Mystical Scene Light Up Card using Lavinia Stamps | Lavinia World DT

Hey Procraftinators! Today, I am excited to share my first Lavinia World Video Design Team Project! They just started their first design team and I'm honored to be chosen to be apart of the first team. If you aren't familiar with Lavinia World, they are the largest US retailer of Lavinia Stamps. I chose to make a mystical scene light up card. I hope you enjoy!

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Here are the usual finished card pictures and below will be the supply list, with links to the Lavinia Stamps in the Lavinia World shop.

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Supply List

***I buy all of my supplies myself, with the exception of the Lavinia Stamps which I was provided by Lavinia World for free or at a discount in exchange for doing this video. I am not affiliated with any company. The links I provide are not affiliate links. I do not make a commission when you buy using these links. They are merely for your convenience or clarification of which supplies I have used. ***


  1. Good evening, could you tell me where you buy the Kraftex riblon and the Led LIGHT SMD. I searched Amazon, I found out about the tape drive, but I don’t see anything that matches the little leds you use. Many thanks to you for answer. I love your video with Lavinia stamp house. See you soon. Christine

    1. Hi Christine! They are size 0805 SMD SMT LED Diode Lights. I will warn you they are itty bitty and can be difficult to work with, but they are cheaper then the craft LED lights sold for crafting. So, I guess, it just depends on how patient you are. I found a link for you though, if you are up for the task. Hope this helps!

      LED Lights:

      Kreftex Copper Tape:

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