About Me

My name is Amanda and I have a chronic pain condition that has partially disabled me. Crafting is my outlet, when the pain allows me to do it. Crafting, I think, has always been in my genes. There are all sorts of crafters in my family, on both sides. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, ceramics, painting, etc. I think it skipped a generation though, because neither of my parents have a crafty bone in their body. Haha! My calling has always been paper crafts though. I started with scrapbooking in high school. However, the card making seed was planted way back in the day when those American Greeting's CDs for your computer were popular, where you could print your own cards. My family was big on those. I loved sitting there and picking out and personalizing cards for family and friends. Then, fast forward to about 10yrs ago and the Christmas after I got married, when my husband and my parents went in together to get me my first Cricut, an Expression 2. That's when my actual handmade greeting cardmaking started. I was hooked! It's grown over the years into what you see now.

I amassed a majority of my stamping and cardmaking collection by buying second hand, clearance deal or sales. I like to be frugal, since we are a single income family. So, for those of you that think that crafting is expensive and I'm not arguing that it isn't, it can be done for much cheaper, if you don't get too terribly sucked into the idea of having to have the latest and greatest all the time. Sure, I definitely treat myself to the latest and greatest from time to time, when money isn't as tight, but for a long time, I could only afford the cheapest of the cheap and that is ok too! The people recieving your cards aren't going to know that you bought your supplies second hand and that your stamps are several years old. I promise! All they are going to care about is that you took the time to make them a special card. On that note, you may see items on my channel that aren't available anymore. I believe that stamps, dies, etc do not expire and that they are meant to be used. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but just take the video at face value. Learn the technique that I am showing and apply it to the supplies that you have on hand. I promise that using your own supplies and imagination with the techniques shown in videos will make you a better card maker vs copying a card exactly as an artist has done.

If you are looking for my current design team list or accomplishments, click on the "Crafting Portfolio" Tab

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