About Me

Hello there! I'm Amanda, and I've embarked on a creative journey fueled by both passion and resilience. Living with a chronic pain condition has presented its challenges, but crafting serves as my therapeutic escape whenever the pain allows.

Crafting seems to be woven into my DNA, with a lineage of crafters on both sides of my family exploring various mediums such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, ceramics, and painting. It's amusing to note that this creative gene skipped my parents' generation entirely—guess I'm the crafty outlier!

Paper crafts have always been my calling, tracing back to high school when scrapbooking captured my heart. The seed for card making was planted even earlier, back in the days of those American Greetings CDs for your computer. Fast forward a decade, and the Christmas after I got married marked the inception of my handmade greeting card-making journey, courtesy of my first Cricut, an Expression 2. I was instantly hooked, and my craft has blossomed into what you see today.

Building my stamping and card-making collection has been a journey of thriftiness, fueled by a commitment to stay budget-friendly in our single-income household. While crafting can be perceived as expensive, I've found joy in the hunt for second-hand treasures, clearance deals, and sales. Sure, I indulge in the latest and greatest when the purse strings loosen, but for a long time, I made magic with the most affordable supplies. And here's a secret—the recipients of your cards won't know if your stamps are vintage or your supplies are second-hand. All that matters is the heartfelt effort you put into creating something special.

For those diving into my crafting world, you may encounter items no longer available. I believe creative tools don't expire; they're meant to be used and cherished. If you spot something elusive, fear not—take the video at face value, learn the techniques, and let your imagination run wild with the supplies you have. Crafting is about personal expression, and I'm here to share that journey with you.

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