DIY WRMK Foil Quill Magnetic Mat

Today, I have a quick tip for you on how to make your own, cheap and easy magnetic mat for the foil quill. Now, I am using this on my Cricut machines. So, I can't vouch on whether this would work for any other machine. Though, I don't see why it wouldn't. But I am just throwing it out there that I really don't know if it will. So, try it at your own risk if you have a different machine. Overall, this cost me about $6 for the metal sheet and everything else, I already had on hand. So, it was pretty inexpensive way for me to do this.

I bought a M-D Building Products 56032 1-Feet by 1-Feet Galvanized Steel Sheet from Amazon and then took a Industrial, Super Permanent Sharpie and a T Square ruler and drew the grid lines on it. I used the lines from the Cricut mat as reference to make sure everything lined up correctly. The reason I used a super permanant sharpie was I am hoping the lines won't rub off so easily. I also used an old Cricut mat that no longer sticks anymore and sprayed the back of the steel sheet with spray adhesive to make it stick. That way, this mat is now dedicated for this use and I didn't have to give up a new mat for this purpose. Super thrifty!

The magnets I used are just scraps of a thin adhesive backed magnet sheet that I use to make my own magnetic chipboard cards for storing dies on for my StampnStorage die box and to slip into the back of my stamp pockets. Again, super thrifty using things I already had and those 2 small strips were strips that were too small to use for the original intended purpose anyways. I just kept them around because I knew I would find a use for them eventually. The bigger strips I did cut off a slightly bigger scrap. Just be sure that if you are using a magnet with an adhesive back, like this, that you use it with the magnet side down and the adhesive backing paper side up. It seems to stick better this way or at least mine did.

Here is my short and sweet video on the process and it shows how well the magnets stayed in place.

List of Supplies

Old, Non-Sticky Cricut Mat
Spray Adhesive - I used Elmers, because it's what I had on hand, but any should work
Industrial, Super Permanent Sharpie
Scraps of thin Magnet Sheet
T Square Ruler
Paper of Choice (I chose a black scrap from my scrap bin and cut to 4in x 5.25in)
Heat Activated Foil of Choice (For this project, I used Glimmer Foil GLF-020)
Cricut Maker
Foil Quill