Cricut Perforation Blade: Pull Tab Card Using SCAL

Today, I am going to show you how I made my own custom pull tab card. I made this video quite awhile ago and didn't get around to editing it until now. I had filmed it before we went on vacation in August and had grand plans to edit during some downtime. Silly me! I almost decided to just skip putting this video up as some of the footage is not ideal, as I had just got this camera and my lighting appears rather harsh in spots. It was a lot worse, but I was able to somewhat salvage it, I think. Trust me, it was almost blinding before editing. This is really one of those things that is better seen, rather than explained in text. So, I am just going to drop the video in here, rather than even try to type out what I did. I will leave a supplies list below though! Hope you enjoy.

Supplies List
Cricut Perforation Wheel (Blade + Quick Swap Housing) (Blade Only)
Distress Ink - Hickory Smoke
Bristol Smooth Cardstock
Score Tape in 1/8" and 1/4"
2in Post It Tape
Tim Holtz Stamping Platform
***I buy all of my supplies myself and am not affiliated with any company. The links I provide are not affiliate links. I do not make a commission when you buy using these links. They are merely for your convenience or clarification of which supplies I have used. I do not guarantee they are the cheapest prices. I suggest you do your own research and shop around.*** 


  1. could you share your file for this card? I do not have the program to make the tab svg

    I would really appreciate it1


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