Watercoloring with Inktense & Arteza Gouache | Friendship Card Hop

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Today, I am participation in the Friendship Card Hop hosted by Courtney Kreeber! Courtney, is not only an amazing copic coloring artist, but she is an amazing person too. She started a Facebook group called Courtney's Cardmaking Hops where she is hosting collaborations and hops for new and veteran crafters. However, she is also helping new crafters with any questions they may have on settings up blogs, YouTube channels, or any questions they may have on participating in hops like this. This is quite an impressive undertaking and it takes up a ton of time, as you might imagine! Seriously, if you haven't heard of her before, go check out her channel or her blog and leave her some love.  On top of all this, she is also planning an event that she is hosting just outside of Albany, NY in May. It's going to be a blast. For details on that, check out her blog post HERE.



Ok, let's get to my card. Like I said, the theme for this hop is friendship. I decided to use 2 stamp sets to pull off my card. The first being the Floral Frame stamp set from Neat and Tangled. I stamped it on Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor Paper in 140lb weight using Gina K Amalgam Ink. I decided to pull out my Derwent Inktense Pencils to color the image. I hadn't used them in quite some time. They were the first coloring medium that I had bought. I started coloring the larger flower using Chilli Red and laid down color in the areas that I felt would be the darkest - the base of the flower and where one petal overlapped another. Then, I used a paint brush to pull out the color with clean water.

I moved on to the berries next, by laying down one line of color on one side of each berry and then pulled the color out to the other side leaving a small highlight area. I used Shiraz to color the berries. Next, I colored the itty  bitty flowers using Cadmium Yellow. There wasn't much room here to really shade, but I started at the bottom of the flowers or the base of the petals and pulled the color out towards the top. I moved on to the greenary. I decided to tackle the main greenary - the ones that are 3 identical greenary pieces. I used Hooker's green to color these. Again, I started at the base of the leaves and pulled the color towards the top of the leaves.

 I moved on to the large single leaf and used Beech Green on it. I, again, started at the base of the leaf and pulled the color out. I wasn't happy with how this leaf turned out. So, I took my brush with a small amount of water on it and took color from the tip of the pencil. I find that this works well when my paper is still wet. I don't like to take the pencil to the wet paper, as I don't like the look that I get when I do this. I can still maintain control over the color I put down and where this way and it will not damage your pencil to do this.

After, I colored everything in, I did go back and add some more shadows and depth where I felt that it needed it until I was completely happy with the piece. One thing I would like to note before we move on to the next step. Inktense pencils aren't quite like normal watercoloring mediums. Once they dry, that's it. You can not move the color. It's permanent. So, be sure that you are happy with where the color is when it's wet or you won't be able to move the color later, after it dries.

After I finished my wreath, I moved on to a background piece for my card. I pulled out a Recollections Color Splash Resist paper pad that I had gotten on clearance awhile back and cut a strip of the paper out of the pad. This strip was from one of the cut apart pages from the back, so it was not a full 12x12in piece of paper. I want to say it was something like 3.75x12in, but I don't remember. I decided to watercolor the whole strip with Arteza Gouache in Ice Blue, Sky Blue and Pearl Aqua Blue (listed from lightest to darkest), so that I could save the rest of the piece for another card project. I thought this piece was fun because it had both foil and clear resist flowers on it. The foil resists that watercolor as well as the clear resist areas. As you paint, more and more flowers show up due to the clear embossed flowers on the paper. It's really quite a fun paper. Once I was done doing my loose watercolor piece, I heat set it and then wiped off the foiled areas, as the Gouache left a weird chalky residue on the foil. It wasn't a big deal, but I wanted my foil to shine.

I moved onto die cutting my floral wreath that I had cut earlier. You want to make sure a piece is completely dry before you die cut it. The coordinating dies for this set cut both the outside and the inside part of the frame. I left my outside and inside dies attached to make this easier. I used the inside piece to stamp a sentiment from the Altenew Lace Up stamp set that said "I cherish out friendship" which I heat embossed in Ranger Gold Embossing powder. I also used the coordinating dies to cut a piece of craft foam to go under the frame piece so I could pop it up on my card.

Moving on to the inside of the card, I stamped another sentiment from the Altenew Lace Up stamp set that said "You are made of awesome" and placed a loose flower on each side of it from the Neat & Tangled Floral Frame stamp set. I heat embossed all that in the Ranger Gold Embossing powder too. I don't usually heat emboss on the inside of my cards, as I worry I will warp my card bases, but it ended up being fine and matched so well with my card design.

I decided since my card had all these nice gold elements to it, I needed to add some gold to my floral frame. I pulled out a Nuvo Supreme Metallics Marker in Gold Mine and filled in the frame pieces that I had originally not colored. The only issue that I had run into with this is that I had already mounted my frame on the craft foam, so that made it a little difficult to color in, my hands are shaky (again, making it hard to color it) and lastly the frame has some tight areas to get into and the marker doesn't have a very fine tip on it. So, I ended up covering up some of those black stamped lines. I ended up pulling out a VERY old Creative Memories Fine Line marker to go over the black stamped frame lines to clean them up again. However, even that was difficult for most of the same reasons that filling the frame with the gold was.
Next, I decided my floral frame just didn't have enough flowers on it for being called a floral frame. So, I stamped and colored a few more flowers to tuck around it and add to the bare corners of my card. I also mounted that watercolor background on some Pearl Gold paper by Paper Accents. Lastly, for a finishing touch, I covered the flowers, berries and the gold frame in Nuvo Aqua Shimmer Pen in Midas Touch.

I hope you enjoyed my card today! If you did, I would love it if you followed me on my YouTube channel and social media. I also hope that you will consider hopping in this hop. The next person in the hop is HERE. As Always, have a great day!

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Neat & Tangled Floral Frame Die Set [RETIRED]
    Chilli Red
    Cadmium Yellow
    Hooker's Green
    Beech Green
Recollections Color Splash Resist Paper Pad [RETIRED]
    Ice Blue
    Sky Blue
    Pearl Aqua Blue
Altenew Lace Up Stamp Set (sentiments) [RETIRED]
    Outside: I cherish our friendship
    Inside: You are made of awesome
        - With 2 flowers from the Neat & Tangled Floral Frame set used earlier
Nuvo Supreme Metallics Marker - Gold Mine
White Craft Foam
Distress Collage Medium to Adhere Craft Foam
Black Creative Memories Fine Line Marker
Inktense Pencils - 2 Tone Flowers off screen
    Cadmium Yellow
    Cadmium Orange
    Burnt Orange for centers
Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive to adhere everything else

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