Layering an A2 Background Die on a Slimline Card | Collab with Delaney Jane Cards

Hey Procraftinators! 

It's my favorite day of the month! It's collab day with Renee, from Delaney Jane Cards. If you are new here, I do a collab with Renee once a month. We always pick some sort of theme and we never share our cards with each other before the videos go live. Which is so hard for us to do, because we often share our cards with each other before videos go live.

Anyways, this month, we decided to focus on using background dies in some way. I chose to use an A2 background die on a slimline card, because well, slimlines are all the rage right now and I haven't really made very many of them. I did step this up a little and decided to do the faux layering technique with this die as well. Where you offset a second background die cut to make it look like you have a layering die. 


For this video, I decided to focus on just the background technique and the creation of the actual card. I did all the coloring off screen. I know that might disappoint some of you and I apologize in advance. Honestly, I had colored this image before I even thought about making this card. I wasn't feeling great one night and just wanted to sit in front of the TV and color. When I started to make this card, I saw the image sitting on my desk and thought it would look nice on the card and decided to use it. I am sure that I will use these images again at some point. So, for those that want to see me color them, I am certain there will be an opportunity in the future.

As usual, I do have more finished project photos for you to see.


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